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Copper 8-Hydroxyquinoline


Molecular Formula: C18H12N2O2Cu
Molecular weight:  351.84


Yellow-green crystalline powder
Assay assay (on drying) 98%min
Loss on drying ≤0.5%
Hydrochloride: (Cl)≤0.01%
SO4 (SO4)≤0.1%
Solubility: In 20 times the glacial acetic acid in total solution

It is yellow-green crystal powder, no smell.it is insoluble in water as well as most of organic solvents.it is soluble in hard acid.

Use: It is a good antimycoltic agent.it is used in plastic-rubber, leather, paper, also used in pesticides, dyestuff.
Packing and Storage: It is packed in fibre drums of 25kgs net each.and should be placed in drying & wind warehouse.
Storage: Should be placed in dry, ventilated, prevent moisture, not mixed with food and seeds.
Shelf life: 12 months
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